"This is a Groundbreaking Opportunity"
What is BILLION DOLLAR GIG WORKERS™? It's a "financial education" platform for the "Gig Worker" community where people can learn about and be involved with unique services, products and business models to generate revenue. Furthermore, you'll also receive benefits normally reserved for the full-time employee. Plus you can be an Advisor to vote on how the platform grows. In other words, with BILLION DOLLAR GIG WORKERS™, your voice counts!
Let's Start With "Stock Options." As you may have experienced, often, "Gig" companies that become very successful forget about the people who put them on the map. BILLION DOLLAR GIG WORKERS™ is registering with the SEC (U.S. Security and Exchange Commission). This gives us the ability to issue "stock options" to YOU as an Advisor. In effect, you'll have a seat-at-the-table with voting capabilities on decisions about the Company. Wouldn't that be nice for a change? Even if "Market Makers" are 90% wrong about their evaluation when we go to IPO, your "stock options" could be worth more than $1,000,000.
You'll Also Receive "Stable Coins." What are "Stable Coins?" They're a Cryptocurrency that is backed by actual assets as opposed to thin air. Currently, we are a third component of a major consortium with over $3.4 TRILLION in assets. This is why when fully launched, YOUR "Stable Coins" could be worth $200,000 to $300,000 each! WHY? Because the assets keep growing every week. In the second quarter of 2021, an additional 2 BILLION in EURO will be added. Our "Stable Coins" will dwarf bitcoin because they're back by actual assets.
Become a GIG WORKER "Supporter." What is a GIG WORKER "Supporter?" This is someone who "supports" the Gig Worker Community by enrolling in our platform. To be a "supporter" is $395. As you invite other people to be "supporters," you'll make $100 upfront plus $100 in managerial "proprietary compounding" overrides. This is a one-time investment that can bring you multiple years of return plus all the other benefits and services included. Watch the 2-minute video on how we "compound profits" on your behalf.
What Are GIG WORKERS? Many times referred to as a side-hustle or part-time Gig. Things like Ride-Share Drivers, Photographers, Video Creators, Website Builders, Health Instructors, Network Marketers, Freelancers, Tutors, Writers and so on. You get the idea.
Get More Recognition And Benefits. Many times Gig Workers don't get the recognition they deserve. With the BILLION DOLLAR GIG WORKERS™ platform, and aside from "Pride of Ownership" from YOUR "stock options," you'll benefit from additional content being added by other Gig Worker "Supporters" who wish to help the "Gig Community." These providers will also receive a courtesy link back to their website or other URL. News concerning politics is not allowed because we prefer positive content. Wouldn't you agree?
Added Benefits Coming Very Soon. Introducing $3.4 TRILLION Dollars in assets that will come into play. What are the assets? Credit, USD, Gold Mines, Real Estate, Natural Resources, Crypto, Gemstones, Art, Stocks, Bonds, Precious Metals and more. Example: Let's say you have a plot of land that's appraised at $100,000 and no one is interested in buying it or building on it. When this is fully set-up, you'll be able to place your asset into the ecosystem and typically get 80% of the value in "stable coins" and then be able to cash out in USD or other currency. It's all part of YOUR "Supporter" platform coming soon.
Each Gig Workers "Supporter" Will Have Access to The Ecosystem. This can be an incredible thing because of the financial services included in the upcoming FDIC registered Bank. Things like checking accounts that can pay $1% to $2% monthly, wrap-around loan guarantees, borrow against your Crypto and much more.
Get First-Movers Advantage? Think of the advantage you will have as we bring other resources, products and services into the fold. In other words, before the masses know, you will know.
Would You Like to be More Involved? In conjunction with becoming a "supporter," we are also seeking people who might have an interest in business ideas, possible joint-ventures, sponsorships and so on. To be considered for these potential projects, you must be a Registered Gig Worker Supporter.
After I Become a "Supporter," What Happens Next? We just launched so more content will be coming soon. First. You'll be on the list for all updates. Second, you'll want to invite other people into the program, so you can generate revenue and help build the BILLION DOLLAR GIG WORKER™ platform. Also, you'll be able to generate additional "stable coins" and more.
We are an Equal-Opportunity Platform. Even if you don't do much and everyone else does, you still benefit because your "stable coins" will rise in value. In addition, most people know that the key to wealth is "stock options." That being said, those who help invite other "supporters" will benefit more, because of their efforts.
Your $1,000 Stimulus Package. If you're a Gig Worker, you're considered a business person and qualify for over 20 "business" and "consumer" benefits. These benefits help businesses grow and save on operating expenses.

Example for Business and Consumer: This benefit is provided by a U.S. FDIC Insured Account. To open the account is free, and you'll also receive a debit card for free. Now here's what's interesting. When you register, you'll automatically start out with $1,000 placed in a tradable account that belongs to you. The platform does all the trading (they only take a small management fee), and you reap the rewards.

When you load your debit card, let's say with $200, and when you SPEND the money, let's say at Costco, the Bank will match you dollar-for-dollar with $200 in your trading account. Please Note: The deposit amount doesn't matter. It's what you actually SPEND. This amount will be matched dollar-for-dollar and go directly into your trading account.
UPDATE. We also recommend you become an advisor to qualify for "stock options." On the BILLION DOLLAR GIG WORKERS™ application, just click the box to be an Advisor. You are not being charged for it.
Recap: What You'll Receive. You'll be given Stable Coins, Stock Options, the $1,000 Stimulus Package, Compounding Revenue from BILLION DOLLAR GIG WORKER™ referrals, Content for Gig Workers, Voting Capability (Your Voice Matters), Pride-of-Ownership and the knowledge you'll be helping yourself and other Gig Workers. United We Stand! (Sign Up below.)
Gig Workers Retirement Program™. Although availability of components in "Billion Dollar Gig Workers" is immediate, there's also a long-term aspect to the program. Because, over time, as your "stable coins" and "stock options" (as an advisor) grow, it can be a huge wealth management system. You're also PROTECTED from "Gig Fallout." Meaning, if the "Gig" you're working pivots or goes out of business, your GIG WORKERS RETIREMENT PROGRAM™ remains intact and follows you wherever you go. We'll also be setting up an infrastructure by which the program will be in "trust" so that it can live forever. Pretty cool, right?
What's Next? Sign up to be a BILLION DOLLAR GIG WORKER™ Supporter. The price is $395 and no monthly fees. This is a one-time investment that can bring you multiple years of return. Please Note: We are going public via Regulation D, 506(c) With Accredited Investors and Regulation D, Rule 701 for Advisors.
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